Thursday, July 2, 2015

Part 2, Chapter Three – Yang Fleet, Mobilized

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 2 – Ambition

Chapter Three      Yang Fleet, Mobilized


            The first blow the Free Planets Alliance received was on March 30th. It was only a few days after Yang Wen-li had departed from Heinesen.         

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Part 2, Chapter Two – Ignition Point

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 2 – Ambition

Chapter Two      Ignition Point


            It was November of last year when Lynch was first called in front of Galactic Empire Space Fleet Commander-in-Chief, Marquis Reinhard von Lohengramm. It was shortly before Reinhard decimated the Alliance Fleet that was invading Galactic Empire’s territory.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Part 2, Chapter One – Before the Storm

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 2 – Ambition

Chapter One      Before the Storm


            Billions of stars gave off billions of lights, but their power was weak. The vast majority of the boundless void was dominated by darkness that resembled polished obsidian.

            Endless night. Boundless void. Unimaginable coldness. They did not reject mankind. Mankind was simply ignored. Although the universe was vast, it was not vast for men. That was because it was not meaningful for mankind to explore outside the range that was within their capacity to recognize and travel.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Ten – A New Prologue

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1 Dawn

Chapter Ten              A New Prologue


            … This series of battles was named, “The Battle of Amritsar,” after the name of the starzone where the final battle occurred. During this battle, the Free Planets Alliance Fleet suffered an overwhelming defeat. The consequences were obvious. While the Imperial Fleet initiated a strategic retreat, the Alliance Fleet abandoned all of the over two-hundred star systems that they temporarily occupied, and they barely held onto the Iserlohn Fortress.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Nine – Amritsar

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1 – Dawn

Chapter Nine       Amritsar


            The star, Amritsar, continued to roar in silence.

            Among the ultra-high-heat nuclear fusion, countless atoms collided with one another, splitting and recombining. The insatiable repetition caused enormous energy to disperse in the void. The variety of elements gave off a variety of colored flames, pulsating in units of 10,000 kilometers. The red, yellow, or even purple, dyed the field-of-view of the observers.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Eight – The Verge of Death

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1 Dawn

Chapter Eight       The Verge of Death


            In the first month, the entire Alliance Space Fleet was friendly with dazzling excitement. As that friendship cooled, their mood dampened, and only impatience and anxiety were left. The officers asked where there were no spacemen around, and spacemen asked where there were no officers around, and all of them asked each other:

– Where is the enemy?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Seven – Interlude

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1 Dawn

Chapter Seven       Interlude


            The person that represented the interests of the Galactic Empire within the Dominion of Fezzan was the Imperial high commissioner (帝国高等弁務官), Count Jochen von Remscheid (レムシャイド伯ヨッフェン).

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Six – Each and Every Star

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1  Dawn

Chapter Six       Each and Every Star


            The Iserlohn Fortress fell.

            This tragic news shook the Galactic Empire.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Five – Capturing Iserlohn

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1  Dawn

Chapter Five     Capturing Iserlohn



            That was the name of the Galactic Empire’s most important military fortress.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Four – Birth of the 13th Fleet

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1  Dawn

Chapter Four      Birth of the 13th Fleet


            Fifty-five stories above ground, eighty stories below ground. In the northern hemisphere of the planet Heinesen’s (ハイネセン) deciduous forest climate zone stood the building that housed the Free Planets Alliance’s Joint Operations Headquarters (統合作戦本部). The building was surrounded by the Center for Science and Technology (技術科学本部), the Logistics Department (後方勤務本部), the Space Defense Command Center (宇宙防衛管制司令部), the Officer School (士官学校), and the Capital Defense Command Center (首都防衛司令部). These buildings were arranged in an orderly fashion in a one-hundred-kilometer radius around the center of Heinesenpolis (ハイネセンポリス), effectively turning the area into a military hub.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Three – Sunset of the Empire

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1 Dawn

Chapter Three      Sunset of the Empire


            Across the beautiful curved wall made out of specialized glass, numerous stalagmites shaped like hanging bells were standing. This view, combined with the quiet sunset expanding in the background, along with the dry air devoid of humidity particles, was seemingly unlimited. The ground was seemingly dyed green.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Part 1, Chapter Two – The Battle of Astarte

Legend of Galactic Heroes, Part 1 Dawn

Chapter Two      Battle of Astarte


            When the report, “The Imperial Fleet is approaching quickly,” came, the Alliance 4th Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Pastoll (パストーレ) was taken by absolute shock.